Friday, July 27, 2012

Unintentional Haul

Finally a post, yay!

I went to the mall today with the intention of exchanging my eyeliner and getting 1... I repeat ONE... lip gloss at Victoria's Secret to take advantage of their free panty offer, and I came home with 3 extra makeup items.

First things first. Yes, I did say FREE panty. If you don't already get Victoria's Secret emails like I do, head on over to their facebook page ( for their free bride panty with purchase offer. It's going on till Sunday July 29th. It's a thong and it's one size fits most, but if I ever make posting here a regular habit, you will learn how much I LOVE free stuff. No matter if I will ever use it or not.

Here's what I got: (flash vs no flash. My camera kinda sucks, btw)

Urban Decay Perversion 24/7 liquid liner
Tokidoki Strawberry Latte Prisma Gloss
Tokidoki Cactus Rocker (black) Punk Lash Mascara
Victoria's Secret Slice of Heaven Lip Gloss
Victoria's Secret Dazzling Citrus Dazzleshine Lip Gloss

UD liquid liners are my favorite! I just love them. But I only own this one because of the price. Another thing you will learn about me if I make posting a habit is how effing cheap I am! Anyway, I'm so happy they let me exchange mine for another one. The one I had had defective packaging and the top wouldn't screw shut. The only thing I don't like about this liner is that it takes extra work to get off. And usually involves pulling it off with my fingers while washing my face. I think that sounds worse than it is.

I hadn't tried Tokidoki before until last week. While in Las Vegas I learned that Sephora will no longer be carrying them and are clearancing them out at 40% off, so I picked up a few things (eye liner and nail decals). Today's purchase was a total impulse buy. I had to resist buying the shadows they had since there were no testers, they're stupidly shaped, and I knew I wasn't impressed by the colors I had seen while in Vegas. The gloss looks like it will be clear once applied. And the guy at Sephora said he heard good things about their mascara. So I figured it's worth a try for $10. Plus if it sucks, I can return it. Unlike some stores where clearance items are final sale.

At VS I had intentions to buy one lip gloss since select ones are 75% off (probably leftovers from their semi annual sale), aka the cheapest thing in the store at $1.75 a pop. But I found 2 that were pretty (and I wouldn't be surprised if I already have ones that are the same of close enough in color to not need another... welcome to my overuse of parentheses, yay!).

And a quick swatch:

Color wise, Slice of Heaven is my favorite. I have feeling that it will be very shear on the lips though. Strawberry Latte is the only one I tried on. I like it. It's thick, but still slick and not sticky. It has a light scent and taste to it. But it's not so flavored that I want to lick it off. Which is good, because lip gloss is not food. I've only had it on a few minutes, but it feels like it's going to stay in place pretty well for how thick it is. Dazzling Citrus looks like one I already own. At least it was only $1.75, right?