Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kryolan Bag Sale San Francisco

I started this post on the 2nd. It's now the 14th. I blame work and Pinterest (it's like crack) and my lack of motivation and laziness... you get the idea.

I've known about Kryolan since beauty school. I had always wanted to go there but never actually invested any time in finding out where it was and going there. In 2011 I figured out where the San Francisco location was from walking past it while training for Bay to Breakers (totally awesome footrace, I recommend everyone do it (or at least go there and watch it) at least once in their lives. Last year I went as sexy Pikachu XD and Jess was Red from the games "I'm not Ash!"). Every time we would walk past it while training for B2B I would be like, "I want to go there!" and Jess would be like, "ok, we can come back another day" since they were always closed on our training days, and I never went back. Like the thought was gone as soon as we had walked past the store. Fast forward to last semester, I took Stage Makeup at Solano. Awesome class. BJ is THE BEST! So about the end of August I finally got to Kryolan for the first time (class field trip.) It was awesome! I managed to not buy one of everything in the store (a fucking miracle), I only got what I needed for class. Since then I've been back only 3 times. Once for an Aquacolor and eyebrow wax that I didn't even use for my final, once for the metallic Aquacolor palette which is so amazing and gorgeous (and I had a 30% off coupon for it!!)! And again today (almost 2 weeks ago x_x) for the bag sale. Enough babbling. Here's what I got: pictures now, more babbling later, right? All pics were taken with my phone. I have a Motorola Atrix of that makes any difference or if anyone cares :P

This was the line after I had been waiting for a bit. It was long. I got there at 8:09am. The sale started at 8am. I wanted to get there earlier, but didn't. I really should have driven instead of taken public transportation. But I really hate that all the meters in that are are $3/hr.

Everything I got.


 Micro Foundation Mattifying liquid: 210 (6), 525, 330, 110, 130. Micro foundation Smoothing Fluid 400.
I have never used Kryolan foundation before. Their number system seems to be random. At first it appeared that as the numbers got higher, the shades got darker, however this was not the case. I didn't test any of the shades, I just picked ones that looked close enough to my skin tone in hopes that at least one of them would work. Here's hoping that 210 is a good match since I have 6 of them. (I tried it today and it seems like a perfect match. I will review it eventually, it's pretty impressive.)

Eye shadows: M12, Sunlit, Red brown (pan). Bronze (no color name) eye liner x7.
While in line, the girl in front of me ran into some friends who had already been inside. They said they had lots of eye shadows and foundations. These were the eyeshadows they had left when I got in.

The pencil isn't a bad shade.  It is quite hard though. Idk that it'll be a very peasant application. Thus confirming my suspicion that this is how they get rid of their older products. Why did I grab 7 of them? Because I could.

Stargazer Semi-Permanant Conditioning Hair Colour Rinse in Blue Black, Royal Blue, Foxy Red, Hot Red, and Copper. I wish I had grabbed a few more of these. The bottles are pretty small. Which should work for my short fine hair, but idk if I'd get more than one application out of them. I'd like to do color swatches but I don't know that I want to have to bleach out one of my doll heads.

Star Gazer colored hair spray in Pop Yellow, hot pink (no color name), and Silver. 

Blonde crepe hair (2)

Cinedfex books 122, 124, 125, 129

I'm not familiar with Kryolan pricing and their website doesn't list prices. From what I could find online combined with what the employees said the foundations are worth, I got over $700 worth of stuff for $32.55. Not bad. Especially since the foundation I got seems pretty awesome so far.

Overall it was a good experience. I would do it again. But I would get there earlier next time. It was sheer luck that I was able to go. I had originally requested the day off work for a different event I wanted to go to. I found out about the bag sale through a friend on Facebook who posted on the event page. Since I like purses and I saw "Bag Sale" it peeked my interest. It wasn't what I was expecting. It was better! And amazingly enough the timing was perfect and I was able to go.

I heard the first person to get there showed up at 11pm the night before. The girls I mentioned earlier (friends of the girl ahead of me in line), said they got there at like 5:15/30am. Had I known that, and had I had a friend to go with me, I would be one of those people in line at 4 in the morning freezing to death. But I really can't complain. I walked away with my bag filled more than the people before me (I think because I was one of the last to leave that they didn't care by that point) and got to enjoy a few hours in the city before my mad dash back home for my evening plans.

Hopefully sooner than later I can do a post about the foundations I got. Even though I have only worn it once so far, I am thoroughly impressed.

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