Sunday, December 1, 2013

Black Friday - Bath and Body Works

This years Black Friday haul was quite tame compared to previous years; but I'll get into that in another post (if I get to it...)

Like last year (and previous years I assume) Bath and Body Works had their spend $40 get a bag full of product valued at $102.50 for an additional $20 BF deal. Of course I wanted to take advantage of this if they still had the bags, being that it was Saturday. They did and the deal was better. Buy anything, no matter how cheap and get the bag for $20; no limit, separate transactions. I ended up coming home with 2. But being the bargain hunter that I am (ahem, cheap), it made me curious: is the bag and products really worth the $103.50 they claim it is? Here's the break down:

Forever Midnight Triple Moisture Body Cream 8 oz $20.50
Eucalyptus Spearmint Body Wash & Foam Bath 10 oz $13.00
Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Lotion 8 fl oz $12.50
Forever Red Eau de Parfum 0.25 oz $10.00
Sparkling Snow 11 Gentle Foaming Hand Soap 8.75 fl oz $5.50
Champagne Toast Mini Candle 1.3 oz $4.50
Cream Shower Sponge $3.50

Total: $65.50

Thus making the bag $38.00.

$38.00??? BBW wants us to believe that the bag is worth $38?!

Seriously guys? Really? (it's so not worth that much at all)

Regardless, $65.00 worth of product for $20 plus an ok bag (last years bag was way better, I use it quite frequently) isn't terrible. And if you don't like the products it comes with you can pull the old, "I got this for Christmas and I don't like the scent, can I exchange it for one I do like?" This tactic does work. Or at least it has in previous years. I haven't checked the bottoms of the bottles to see if they are labeled differently. Last year they weren't.

So why did I buy 2? Christmas purposes / I'm a beauty product hoarder / I get caught up in the "it's such a good deal" moment / because I can always exchange the products for ones I'll actually use but in reality I'm too lazy to do it.

This reminds me of TBS's BF deal 2 years ago. Same type of thing, I'm fairly certain it was spend $30 get the bag of products worth over $100 for $25. I did the math and it was similar to above. The bag made up $40 of the value of the deal. It's a decent bag, especially compared to other bags they've offered, but no where near worth $40.

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